A Dream Come True...

I had a dream once that I was sitting on top of a hill...and while on that hill I was able to look out as far as one can see. I saw so much in front of me that I was overwhelmed by it all. So, I laid down and closed my eyes because the site of it all was just that overwhelming...and as I closed my eyes I thought about what I had seen.

I saw in front of me..

A world where I could do and be anyone I chose to be. I saw myself in a business suit leading a fortune 500 company and my hear was in locks and the earrings that dangled from my ears were in the shape of Africa.

I witnessed classrooms and schools filled with black, brown, yellow, red, white, and multicolored children laughing, learning and writing of their futures that would in fact come true

Children and women were not victims of abuse, rape, torture and fear. In fact children played freely even after the street lights came on...Women didn't fear walking into a parking lot alone

Food was abundant in every household across the world and no one went hungry ever

I felt that our Earth was not a dying planet but a thriving one

American presidents looked like me, my friends and family and not like strangers

Disease, War, Struggle and Strife were no longer in our hearts or minds..they were a thing of the past a long forgotten memory...

I saw all these things before me and it was so awesome..so so amazing....

Was it a dream?


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