Dating and Negotiating

Wondering what all the fuss is about dating? too...

So I thought about what was negotiable vs. non-negotiable...the problem is that this changes based upon how I wake up feeling in the morning....

Sometimes...its a sunny day and I can't wait to start my day...thus I am optimistic about what lies ahead of me...and so I smile at HIM.

Other times...its a cool gray day and I nearly have to fall out of the bed to get started...thus I stress about how I am going to accomplish the task ahead of me....and so i frown at HIM.

When its all said and done....we negotiate all the time....we barter and give and take and give and if you are like give more than you actually receiving becomes almost obsolete....

So in the end what are you willing to give...and not receive back?  Can you truly negotiate for a better deal? 

Or do we really just get what we get...rain or shine? frown or smile? Him or no Him?


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