Parked...stopped the engine and took a long long deep had been a long time since I had been in this place. It was going to be hard and although it seemed as though I had prepared myself I was a bit unsettled.

How had I allowed this amount of time to pass between here and everything else? People, work, things, anything but this place became paramount in my life...and I don't think I realized how long it had been until I was sitting here.

The damage is done however...the time lapse had been too great and now I needed to own up to what I allowed time to do..

Walking up I realized that the time had not erased all that is here.....taking that first step was like dipping my toes in a cool was crisp and shocking but it quickly became embraceable.

Easily slipping the key in the lock and twisting the knob almost before I could finish unlocking it...

And there was everything I remembered..slightly different...slightly more mature... but it was exactly what I was me.


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