You gonna tell me whats Up?

1:44 PM me: you gonna tell me whats up
Qiana: lol
1:45 PM oh you were still waiting
that is funny
it's just life is funny
1:46 PM I have gone through a lot
and I continue to as well
apart of that is my own doing you know?
when your not doing right
when you're treading on good and evil you know?
sin and living right.....
1:47 PM so at any rate
you knoww
life is sometimes depressing
there are things I want in life
things I want to accomplish
places I want to go
a person I want to be...someone I aspire to be
1:48 PM I have this fear that I wont be that person
and in a sense my purpose will not be served
me: WOW
Qiana: and then...
i think about my decisions
my loves my passions
and I regret
1:49 PM and I have to live with it and live in it
and what if's creep in
what if this and that
what if I get fired tomorrow
what would I do...
should I have left teaching...schools
1:50 PM i would have had job security
but I may not have been happy
what if I moved to florida
and not broken it off with .......
who would I have been?
1:51 PM who did he want me to be
and sooo...
that is it
those are my challenges.....
Everything and nothing at all.
and you say why are you telling me this right?


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